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Moss Chair - Nude Light

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A classic statement chair, handmade with beautiful hide leather and natural teak with a relaxed swing-back lounge, kept steady with a tie knotted to the frame. An example of fine craftsmanship, the Moss Chair is one of our most-loved pieces, the centrepiece of any space it occupies.


Please note:

Our natural tan leather is made from untreated leather. Untreated leather is raw leather and can show small imperfections on the hide. It is not dyed therefore care needs to be taken with spills on these products. Our dyed leather is more durable however, due to this being a natural product, there will be variances on the leather from piece to piece and variances in the wood shades. Our coloured leathers are batch-dyed. The colour and texture of every piece are unique and unrepeatable. Leather can crease over time, in our opinion it just gets better with age.


68cm W x 75cm D x 78cm H