Celebrating simple, timeless design

Coco Unika is an Australian owned, furniture and homeware design studio, that responds to the modern Australian lifestyle; expressing an appreciation for simple living through contemporary design and natural materials.

We believe that a beautiful home starts with good foundations and as such our collections are designed as adaptable building blocks of a space. Whether it’s somewhere to sit, somewhere to store, to rest or to display a treasured item, our pieces are designed to pair beauty with functionality. 

Inspired by the enduring nature of Scandinavian design, Coco Unika furniture is made using natural materials such as timber and leather, making them well-suited to the ever-evolving nature of a home’s style. 

Our products are handmade, and because of this, the colour, texture and shape of every piece is unique and unrepeatable, qualities that we believe imbue a space with warmth and character. 

We work in partnership with artisans and designers in our studio and around the world to source honest, sustainably harvested materials for our pieces. Each Coco Unika piece has been made with time-honoured skill and the aptitude of gifted hands; a guarantee that it will become part of the fabric of your home.