Original Artwork - N°5 Draped
Original Artwork - N°5 Draped
Original Artwork - N°5 Draped

Original Artwork - N°5 Draped

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Sculptural 3D plaster artwork on canvas which adds a three-dimensional element to any space. Focusing on texture and depth, each artwork is original, handmade, one-of-a-kind, signed and dated.

900 x 1200mm

About:  BYL Studio creates sculptural 3D plaster artwork on canvas, which imbues any space with a three-dimensional quality. Emphasizing texture and depth, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, made by hand, signed, and dated.

Various tools are employed to apply the plaster to the surface, building up layers and crafting texture with each stroke.

BYL Studio's artworks are distinguished by their sumptuous, textured surfaces, which entice the viewer. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, architecture, and everyday life, these pieces capture the beauty and intricacy of our environment in which we live.

In a world where mass-produced objects dominate our surroundings, BYL Studio’s artworks offer a distinctive and meaningful expression of creativity and individuality.

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