Winter Ambience

Winter Ambience

Winter’s coming has been felt these last few weeks as the temperature has dropped and the nights have drawn longer. We retreat indoors and take the days a little slower, nestling within our homes.

This time of year we love to embrace the Danish philosophy of ‘Hygge’. Despite the deep, dark winters our friends endure, they are always at the top of the list as one of the world’s happiest countries. Discover this wonderful way of life by noting a few of our tips to create a little winter ambience as we cosy up for the weeks ahead…

Make a moment

Creating a ritual of making a coffee every morning and taking the time to enjoy it, being grateful for a new day and a fresh start is a simple act that can make all the difference to how the day proceeds. Little moments of quiet solitude give time to plan, collect thoughts and be thankful, setting you in good stead to embrace the day ahead.

Layer textiles

Whilst we deploy our winter woollies and turn on the heating, think of your living spaces as needing those extra layers too.  Bring in warmth with textural cushions and add layers with throws, sheepskins, or hides. When it’s time to bed down, a sumptuous quilt will provide extra comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.

Display seasonal flourishes

Now summer is over, experiment with all the good things the year has left behind, foraging for seasonal dried flora such as pampas grasses, palm fronds or dried seed heads provide the perfect backdrop to a cosy home. Our Arc and Twig Brass Vases make a delightful holder to display a single frond, feather or bloom creating a strikingly simple display. A few stems of Magnolia or green foliage from the garden and displayed in a beautiful vase also makes an eye-catching focal point and brings a touch of living into your home.

Light a candle

Embrace this time of hibernation with the simple charm of lighting a candle. Our solid brass Arc and Linear candle holder, with sleek modern lines make the perfect holder for plain dinner candles. Watching the flame flicker and dance majestically off surfaces, creates a peaceful atmosphere, and provides an elegant, warm glow to capture the mood. In the bedroom after turning out the light to sleep, take a few moments to bask in candlelight before blowing it out to cultivate a calmer and more serene bedtime.

Most of all, take the time to appreciate the good things in life. Hygge is about being aware of the good moments and enjoying them! 

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