An Interview with Moss+Co’s Trudy Pagden

An Interview with Moss+Co’s Trudy Pagden

Trudy Pagden is an Australian Interiors & Lifestyle photographer with a passion for awe-inspiring landscapes. We’ve long admired her aesthetic and have loved working together on previous Coco Unika campaigns. 

As well as shooting for architects and designers, Trudy also runs her own online print store to showcase her fine art landscape photography. In exciting news, we’ve partnered with her to offer a series of limited edition, photography prints for sale through Coco Unika. 

To coincide with the launch of our new Artwork offering, we spoke with Trudy about her work and love of nature and got some advice on how to best hang Moss+Co photography prints at home. 

Moss and Co Print - Alva Rattan Sideboard

Featured: 01 Ice Study Shattered Limited Edition Print - Alva Rattan Sideboard - Symmetri Brass Vase 


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I was brought up in country Victoria and spent most of my weekends growing up on our family farm. I think this has had a significant influence on my love of nature and capturing the landscape. Nothing breathes new life and creativity into me more than a long hike in nature! I worked an office job in my early twenties, doing photography on the side until I moved to Sydney three years ago. Since then, I have been a full-time freelance photographer focusing on my print collection and interior & lifestyle photography for clients.


Nothing breathes new life and creativity into me more than a long hike in nature! 



Moss and Co photographic prints


How did you find your way into photography?

My parents bought my first camera for me on my 18th birthday. My Mum was a photographer so she was my first introduction to photography. Mum always had a camera in hand, and we kids would groan whenever she asked Dad to stop the car so she could take a photo (she loved shooting dilapidated old buildings); trips with her always took much longer to get from A to B! I look back and realise that I’ve since become that person who is always calling for the car to stop, or lagging behind on hikes so I can take a picture of something that’s caught my eye.

Is there a particular subject you feel drawn to capture for your Moss+Co photography prints?

Mist on the ocean, vast spaces and mountains always seem to be calling my name!

What are you inspired by this season?

We’re halfway through winter this year, and I'm loving the misty mornings; they’re great to create moody images with!

Moss and Co Trudy Pagden

How would you describe your own interior style?

I don’t have a set style. If you saw my house, you’d see it’s full of different styles from Coastal Cottage to British Colonial influence usually, if I fall in love with a piece, I will get it, regardless of whether it ‘fits in’. I love collecting and have lots of special pieces from my overseas travels. I’m definitely still learning to navigate my own style.


I love collecting and have lots of special pieces from my overseas travels


Moss and Co Photographer with fine art landscape prints 

 Where do you go when you need some downtime?

I’ll either head down the south coast or go out west to the country with my husband. 


Can you share some advice on hanging and displaying prints at home? 

  1. Consider the wall size and space you have to work with.
  2. I believe that art looks best hung at eye level, so the top third of the picture should correspond with the height of an average person.
  3. Display works in odd numbers, such as one or three, because the lack of perfect symmetry creates a more relaxed feeling. And one large piece often is all you need.


Do you have a favourite piece from the Coco Unika collection?

Yes! I adore the Henrik chair, definitely my dream dining room chair!

Henrik chair and Kristina Arch Mirror

The Henrik Chair and Kirstina Arch Mirror captured by Trudy at a recent Coco Unika campaign.

Explore our selection of Trudy Padgen’s photography art prints here.
 For more from Trudy follow her on Instagram @mossandcophotography