'Au Courant' Interior Design Trends to Embrace.

Artwork Plaster byl Studio

Regardless of your stance on following trends, it's hard to escape their influence. Interior design trends have a way of seeping into our consciousness, whether we embrace them or not! While trends may come and go like a pendulum, it's important to find a balance that feels authentic and true to your personal style. As a designer or homeowner, it's important to stay true to your own sensibilities while also incorporating elements that feel fresh and current. Some decorative moments can withstand the test of time while others quickly become outdated. 

Here are 9 timeless design elements that we can be sure will be embraced for years to come:

 Arches and Alcoves

Arch Room with Josef chair and Kristina Mirror

Image: Arches and Alcoves featuring the Henrik Chair, Kristina Arch Mirror and BYL Studio Artwork - Unveiled

Arched design elements like wardrobes, storage units, and mirrors have been dominating the design world for the past few years. Expect to see even more arches in the form of windows, shower screens, shelving, drinks cabinets, sideboards, doorways, and stools. Arches deliver softness and cosiness, which are increasingly sought after.


It's important to find a balance that feels authentic and true to your personal style


Stone Trims

Image: Est Living

Stone has always been a staple material in interior design, and it's not going out of style anytime soon. While marble has always been a classic choice, designers are finding new ways to incorporate stone into our homes, especially in kitchen benchtops. Instead of the traditional straight edges, designers are now obsessing over profiling marble to give a more detailed finish. This technique is a nod to traditional European countertops and adds a touch of elegance to any space. Popular treatments include lamb's tongue and double bullnose. The use of marble and stone has also evolved to include dressing up architectural details like door frames, windowsills, baseboards, and mouldings. This approach feels timeless and old-world, yet fresh and revitalizing.

Pared-back Bed Styling

Madeline bedhead Boucle
Pared-back Bed Styling featuring the Madeline Bedhead, Elle Bench, Linn Vase and Harper Boucle Bolster

The trend of over-layered beds with multiple throw pillows and layers of blankets is a trend that is quickly going out of styleInstead, a beautifully draped bed in a luxurious linen throw with minimal use of pillows creates an elegant and effortless sanctuary. Adding a bolster instead of cushions can create a stylish finish to this pared-back look.


Sustainable Furniture

Lunar Table in Travertine with the Josef Chair
Sustainable Furniture featuring The Lunar Table, Henrik Chair and Nina Bowl

The fight against fast furniture and disposability has led to a shift towards more environmentally conscious purchasing habits. It is now more important than ever to buy pieces that are designed to last.

Statement Shelves

Image: Vogue Living

Rather than cluttering shelves with numerous items, displaying carefully selected pieces creates a minimalist yet artful look. Minimalism is all about decluttering your space and creating a calming and serene environment. It's a trend that has been around for years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Windows Over Walls

Image: Banda Property

To feel more connected to the outside world, consider installing a window instead of a wall. Bringing in natural light is a great way to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Alternative Art

Plaster Artwork by BYL Studio

Image: House Beautiful - Featuring BYL Studio Artwork 

Contemporary paintings have been popular for a while, now sculptures and sculptural artwork add an interesting and unique touch to any space.

Tactile Textures

Tactile textures - kristina mirror and vaseTactile Textures featuring The Kristina Arch Mirror, Oki Ball and Boheme Vase

Incorporating soft leathers, organic linens, and textured timbers in wall treatments, furniture, and fabrics can create a warm and inviting space. Mixing pieces, eras, textures, and colours can create a playful and exciting atmosphere.

Textured walls

Image: House Beautiful featuring BYL Studio Artwork and Oki Ball

Textured walls continue to be a design trend that is here to stay. Whether achieved through limewash treatment, plaster coating, or a unique painting technique, the use of texture on walls and ceilings adds depth and interest to a space. The use of materials like Mediterranean plaster, Venetian plaster, color, and timber can create a subdued and tonal look that is both stylish and timeless.

Incorporating these "au courant" design trends into your home decor can create a timeless and stylish look. They are trends that have been around for years and will continue to be relevant for years to come


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