At Home With Coco Unika

At Home with Coco Unika

Welcome to the place we call home; an insight into the space where we create, design and live.

Our home is filled with pieces we have designed and love. Our philosophy is that a beautiful home starts with good foundations, which is how our staple pieces, came about: The Moss chair, Fern Headboard, and Coco chair were the beginning of a collection that were designed to form the building blocks and foundations of our space.


Our home is filled with pieces we have designed and love


Combined with our love for natural, organic materials and the qualities and aesthetics of Scandinavian design, our home has been created to adapt to the changing seasons and the evolving environment that we live in, whether we are working, entertaining or spending time together.

Coco Unika At Home

FEATURED:  L-R: The Fisk Stool – Antique Tan | The Coco Chair – White Snown | The Freya Bowl (On Dining Table) |The Vas – Antique Tan Leather Vase (On Sideboard) | The Crescent Brass Vase.

Dining Room

The well-known saying that around the dining table is where the fondest memories are made, is something we have all heard for years, and is so true to us. Our open plan dining room and kitchen is where we spend most of our time. Weekends are spent entertaining friends and family, and during the week our large table is covered in designs, paperwork and truly is, a hub of activity!


The seating area in the kitchen is where we eat during the week, the boys come home from school and sit to do their homework while eating afternoon tea. One of the features that I am so glad we added to our kitchen is the bar, being able to prepare tea while having them close enough to help with their work has been a big advantage. A comfy barstool means they can focus on their work while being alert enough to concentrate.

FEATURED:  L-R: The Erik Barstool – White Snow

Family Room

A neutral palette in our family room, with warm leather accents provide a calm retreat where we gather at the end of the day. The boys will often read books and relax on a couple of floor cushions or a sheepskin rug for comfort while we reflect on our day.

FEATURED:  L-R: The Vas – Black Soot Leather Vase | The Crescent Vase | Leather Coaster – Black Soot | The Jimmy Floor Cushion – Antique Tan Leather | The Ulf Cushion – Antique Tan Leather.

Lounge Room

Our lounge room is the formal room in our house. The place where we sit politely with guests and sip drinks, while the kids play out the back. The dark walls create an ambient atmosphere, with our intentions to bring a moody and encompassing feel to the room. A tan leather vase filled with sweet-smelling, fresh foliage, (foraged eucalyptus leaves are a favourite), combined with brass accents, add a touch of glamour to our space.

FEATURED:  L-R: The Vas – Antique Tan Leather Vase | The Linear Brass Candle Holder | The Ulf Cushion – Antique Tan | The Sheepskin Shearling Throw

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is intentionally simple. Going to bed and waking in a calm, serene room is, for us, the perfect start to our busy days. The woven tan-leather headboard is one of my favourite staple pieces from our collections and a change of sheets or re-arrangement of cushions can give a whole new look from season to season with a few simple changes.



Going to bed and waking in a calm, serene room is, for us, the perfect start to our busy days


FEATURED: The Fern Headboard – Antique Tan | The Finn Side Table – Antique Tan

Moss’s Room

Ever since the boys were tiny, we wanted their rooms to feel like their own little sanctuary with space to play, study or create. In Moss’s bedroom, floor space to sit down and read with a comfy cushion was a must, he is an avid reader and loves spending time reading comics and storybooks. We added a wide wooden shelf that can be used as a desk for reading or writing, paired with our Finn Stool in the Grey Smoke woven leather, that can also be used as a table for boardgames. We kept the colour scheme neutral with one wall painted in Dulux Foille to add warmth and interest, which also complements the artwork, a painting of a lion cub hanging above his bed, chosen by him, which is a representation of his interest in animals and birds.

FEATURED: The Teak Pot | The Finn Stool/Side Table – Grey Smoke | The Jimmy Cushion – Antique Tan | The Ulf Cushion – Antique Tan | The Fransen Headboard – Antique Tan

Arlo’s Room

A creator and collector, Arlo’s bedroom had to have plenty of storage space for all his lego creations, treasures and finds, as well as space to sit and draw or craft. His bedroom is small so we used a folding stool that can be leant against the wall or stored elsewhere when he wants to play on the floor and a small desk unit with a roll of paper on the wall as a neat storage option that also encourages his creativity.

FEATURED: The Fisk Folding Leather Stool – White Snow | The Jimmy Cushion – Grey Smoke


Our hallway is typically where we drop our bags and take off our shoes, a little folding seat and a decorative ladder provides a simple, yet functional space that creates storage for bags and coats, and a useful stool for sitting when preparing to go out. The hallway is the first thing seen by visitors upon arrival and sets the tone for our home.

FEATURED: The Fisk Stool – Black Soot | The Rak Decorative Ladder

Our company mission, to bring the beauty of nature home, signifies our love for organic and natural materials, used to create timeless and considered furniture and homewares. A collection of pieces that we have use and love throughout our home, and are available to you through our online store, for you also, to enjoy.

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