04 Oct 2019

Spring Revival

The signs of Spring are all around us;
Nature coming to life after its winter rest, and the awakening spirit of renewal and positivity in the air.

The change of the seasons for us, has always been a time to refresh and restore the home, not by a complete re-haul of every room, but by changing a few key accessories or re-designing a space.
Lighter throws, cooler bedlinens, fresh blooms on the table, and a de-clutter throughout, are how we like to refresh our home as we say goodbye to winter hibernation.
We’ve selected a few of our favourite pieces that bring a winter room to life and welcome the sweet smelling days of Spring!

The Rak

Organise your space: A simple storage solution that provides a practical yet aesthetically pleasing holder for blankets, linens and towels, perfect for use in hallways, laundries or bedrooms.

Leather Vases

Freshen up your space with fresh foliage or blooms in our handmade leather vases, available in 3 different colours and sizes.

French Flax Bedlinen

Harness the soothing powers of 100% French Flax Bedlinens for a cocooning, relaxing nights sleep.

The Finn Stool 

This versatile little stool is the perfect size to pop down next to your chair or bed to keep a neat stack of magazines or bedside essentials tidy.. It also doubles as a seat or stool making it a great little piece of furniture that can be used in every room.
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